About us

Era has principles and values

  • Cohesion
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Open-mindedness
  • Sustainable development

A bit of history


Boldoduc was founded in 1952, originally to weave silk.

In 1991, Boldoduc’s activity shifted to knitting of synthetic fabrics.

By 2000, Boldoduc had become specialized in the conception and the industrial production of protection and packaging systems for sports sector as well as for the laundry and transport industries.

In 2009, the launching of a new manufacturing unity in Tunisia enabled Boldoduc to take a new turn.

Today, we have integrated all stages of industrial process and are able to offer you fabrics designed specifically for your applications and above all, finished products, ready-to-use solutions according to your requirement specifications.

Today, the group develops, makes and sells products for various industries: laundry, medical, agri-food, industries and sport.

Sport: Era’s creation

Bolduduc’s sporting adventure began very early on with the development and the manufacturing of protective screens for archery in 1992. The Era net was born and will soon become indispensable for the firing points’ equipment.

Later on, numerous projects related to the sporting industry contribute to keeping the company busy. Boldoduc was requested for new types of products such as wind-breaking  nets for tennis courts, protective nets for golf courses, ball-proof nets as well as more specific goods such as sports rompers, horse-blankets and sports outfits (cycling, car racing, hunting).


Thanks to the success of the Era kid and the Era club nets, the brand increased its notoriety and pursued its development in the archery field.

In 2010, partly thanks to a partnership with Sébastien Flute (Olympic champion, Barcelona 1992), Era developed a protective bracelet for archery: the « armguard ». Composed of both thermocool polyester material and of a 3D mesh, this very technical product met a great success by all specialists.

In 2017, Era broadened its offer with products made specially for archery, focusing on two main areas: the equipment of firing points and the equipment of archers.

You can discover the whole collection on our website and in our retailers’ stores.

Era, a brand dedicated
to all sports

Our capacity to develop solutions for all sports using technical fabrics enabled Era to position itself as your ideal partner in the course of developing your new products.

Our textile expertise combined with our know-how will offer you the possibility to transform your design briefs into finished products.